V2 Model Rollout

V2 Model Rollout

As you know we are moving through the queue based on two main variables

  • Customers who have an in-production model. The order was determined by volume so that we can serve the greatest quantity of customers the most quickly. We have also taken into account certain customer models that have been waiting the longest. 
  • Unit number. Once your model is approved, we move through the production schedule by unit number. We will contact you to schedule your install or White Glove Delivery. 

Below you’ll find further insight into our V2 rollout order and plans including status updates of where we are with each model. We will be updating the status of each model regularly as they move through the design process. 

Status Key

Released: The camper has been approved by the engineering team. It is now ready for production and we will work through unit numbers to schedule your install or white glove delivery.

Programming: Robots are being programmed for camper machining, and our engineering team is finalizing all measurements.

Scanning: The truck is being scanned and processed by our engineering team. This stage involves scanning the truck, and all processing to develop a computerized model.

Test fitting/Under revision: The camper is placed on the truck for which it was designed. Our engineering team checks that everything fits nicely, and that the panels match the bed geometry well. Revisions will occur if the engineering team isn’t satisfied.