Go Fast, On Our Gas

June 02, 2022 2 min read

Go Fast, On Our Gas


Gas is expensive, and your time off of work is valuable. We get it. Driving to Montana can be an epic road trip, but isn’t a great option for everyone and we are aiming to help more of you Go Fast.

We are proud to announce we are back in the trucking business! We are officially reintroducing of White Glove delivery. Because shipping a camper via freight is crazy expensive ($2500+) we are starting a trucking business to make it easier to get a camper shipped to your house and installed by someone who is a trained professional from GFC.


Buy a camper, and we will deliver it within 6 months to your door anywhere in the lower 48.

You might need a few more details.


Order volume is everything, the more orders going to an area the more likely you are to see your camper arrive sooner. If our production lead time is three months at the time of order, you might see your camper right at 3 months. If you live in an area with a low volume of orders, it will likely be closer to the 6 month window.

(Sorry Hawaii and Alaska, we don't own a plane... yet.)


WEST | $750

MIDWEST | $900

EAST | $1000

We made a map (pictured above), so that is honestly easier than trying to explain it via text. But, we should mention that fuel prices can affect the cost of delivery, and if we see significant trends up or down in fuel we can adjust pricing accordingly. 

Tl;dr Here’s how the process works.

  • Order your Platform Camper
  • Submit your address and select “white glove”
  • Get your Camper in 6 months or sooner
  • Have it installed by our expert team
  • Save money

Ready for delivery? Click below to learn more about our Platform Camper.

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