YROT Episode 4: A Pre-apocalyptic Mexican Wedding, Online Divisiveness, & Wiley Fights a Bear

YROT Episode 4: A Pre-apocalyptic Mexican Wedding, Online Divisiveness, & Wiley Fights a Bear

Wes Siler of Outside Magazine and his wife Virgina McQueen are on the podcast this week. Recorded live from their home in Bozeman, Montana they discuss dogs, guns, online discourse and hosting their wedding at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Wes relives once hitting a kangaroo, gets fired up about public lands, and explains the many misunderstandings about vasectomies. It’s revealed that Virginia is a better shot than him and that she’s ready if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse.

Wes Siler runs IndefinitelyWild, Outside's lifestyle column telling the story of adventure-travel in the outdoors, the vehicles and gear that get us there, and the people we meet along the way. You may recognize Wes from such websites as Jalopnik, Gizmodo, and Hell For Leather, where he used to review cars and motorcycles, and share his various misadventures, outdoors and otherwise. Wes lives in Montana with his partner Virginia McQueen. Virginia is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who works with couples and individuals and specializes in outdoor ecotherapy. The couple resides in Bozeman, Montana with their dogs, Wiley, Bowie, and Teddy.


Show Notes:
2:30 - Wes has some haters
3:00 - Wes worked for Jalopnik and discusses the start of online journalist
8:00 - Wes earns the spot as the #1 dog camping journalist 
10:00 - Wiley the dog fights bears, crackheads and rednecks
11:00 - A bear jumps into the yard and one dog jumps out
14:00 - Taylor runs into a bull moose
15:00 - A recent report of a wildlife encounter in Yellowstone
16:00 - How Wes & Virginia met
19:00 - A wedding in Baja right as Covid-19 concerns explode
25:30 - Getting back to Montana
31:00 - Covid-19 and seasonal tourism business
38:00 - How many dogs is too many dogs?
40:00 - Dogs off-leash
50:00 - No kibble dog diet
54:00 - Ethics in journalism in the age of influencers
107:00 - Wes reminisces about his first car, a 1969 Morris Minor
01:09:00 - A listener asks public land access 
01:10:00 - Wes gives advice for use of Forest Service land: clean up and poop responsibly.
01:11:00 - Navigating public lands
01:15:00 - Public lands generating revenue
01:18:00 - Caller asks would you rather fight one duck the size of a horse or 50 duck-sized horses.
01:21:34 - Virginia talks zombie apocalypse plans
01:22:56 - Wes hit a kangaroo and his ARB bumper is fine
01:24:30 - The human quest for self-sufficiency and control
01:27:51 -  Listener asks about managing a gear as a small apartment city dweller
01:30:02 - Wes & Virginia talk about the culture of online discussion and disagreements
01:32:00 - Wes talks about vasectomy and decision of not having kids
01:36:40 - Virginia talks about getting outdoors and what it represents for people
01:39:28 - Wes talks about toxic masculinity and privilege
01:43:14 - Trying to uplift people and giving back


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