YROT Episode 5: It's a Group Ride and No One Is Going to Get Dropped

Nam and Ronnie Romance might just be our most "out there" guests to date. They have traveled the entirety of the US of A by bicycle for a collective two decades between them, and recently purchased a (secret) van. Like many of our nomadic guests, they begrudgingly hunkered down at their parents' house when the pandemic spread across the country. We explored the different freedoms experienced when traveling by bicycle or by van, proper van bathroom etiquette (heat rises), and a few things you can pack to prevent a "bad trip". We also discussed the movements calling for racial equality that are sweeping the nation, and how outdoor inclusion can effect change in our world. In Nam's words, this conversation is a "group ride, and no one is going to get dropped". 


5:00 - How Taylor got started at GFC
7:00 - Nam and Ronnie's quartile in CT
9:00 - How limited options can be refreshing
10:00 - Guests introductions
13:00 - Inclusion in the outdoors
16:00 - WTF Bike Explorers and bike culture
17:00 - a more inclusive culture in the outdoors
18:00 - Changing naming conventions and events
19:00 - What's in an event name?
27:00 - Gravel racing as an alternative to cycling
30:00 - The role of bikes in protests and policing
40:00 - Ronnie's take on where the bike industry fits in with the Black Lives Matter movement
46:00 - The role of social media for individuals and for brands when it comes to social change
48:00 - The future of culture in the outdoor industry
54:00 - How Ronnie and Nam came to this lifestyle
01:00:00 - How Ron and Nam met
01:05:00 - Nam talks about lifestyle, environment and mental health 
01:10:00 - Ron's many names and where they came from
01:16:00 - Ron talks about life on the road and traveling by bike
01:21:00 - Nam talks about how purchasing the van changed the way they tour
01:24:00 - Bike touring reveals the good and kindness of people







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