YROT Episode 1: Volcano Eruptions & Modern Medieval Suspension

Desk-to-Glory gives up their day jobs and gets rid of their apartment to travel to the arctic, only to find themselves back at home, living with their parents. Meanwhile, Scott from family-owned Deaver Spring Inc reveals why no matter who you are and how hard you try, you'll never get Mr. Deaver on the phone. Callers ask about safety while camping in Mexico and sidestepping the cartel and learn many local Mexicans also ask similar questions about the US due to gun access. 


About Desk to Glory: In 2013 Richard and Ashley left their desk jobs in Vancouver, BC to explore Central and South America via overland travel in a 1990 Toyota Pickup, Little Red. They’re plenty familiar with the highs and lows of international long-distance travel, living on the road, and sticky situations that can come with this type of adventure!


About Deaver Springs: Scott Born is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Deaver Spring Inc. Deaver was founded in 1892. In the early days as a blacksmith, Deaver served the surrounding farming community by making and repairing their tools, fabrication jobs as well as servicing horse and buggy carriage springs. Today they are known worldwide as a leader in leaf springs. 


Show Notes

11:00 - What and where is Tuktoyaktuk?

13:00 - The volcano erupts in Cotopaxi National Park then comes a roadblock while a protest breaks out. 

14:45 - Waylaid in a town of 9 people.

20:00 - A brief and interesting history of leaf springs and how old school print ads catapulted a small company into having an international audience.

28:00 - How Taylor procured an AMC Eagle

32:10 - Opinions on ‘Car Camping‘ and ‘Overlanding’

37:10 - Favorite Gear 

40:27 - Q&A: How Do You Get Into Camping?

50:10 -  Players in the Leaf Spring Industry

53:13 -  Deaver Springs’ Design Philosophy

58:30 - Q&A: Planning you route and safety abroad

1:06:05 - Q&A: Did Desk to Glory learn Spanish before driving the Pan American Highway

1:07:43 -  Q&A: Traveling with weapons

1:09:00 -  Q&A: Financing a long term trip?

1:17:12 - Q&A: Which rear suspension kit should Desk to Glory use?

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