YROT Episode 2: Bogan Tendencies & Killer Manatees

YROT Episode 2: Bogan Tendencies & Killer Manatees

Racecar driver and automotive journalist Emme Hall gets one step closer in her quest for love in the arms of a cowboy by learning to 2-step on air. John Watson points out that overlanders and touring cyclists have more in common than they might realize. Our host Taylor learns what a beaver has to do with flavored soda water. And a caller from Florida recounts being attacked by a Manatee. You won't want to miss this one, folks. No episode of YROT has been this good!

About Jon Watson
John Watson, is the founder and editor of the Radavist, a website that focuses on cycling and the outdoors, with contributors from all over the world submitting stories from their travels by bike. 

About Emme Hall
Emme is a driver, racer, reviewer, and rabble-rouser. She is one of fewer than 20 American women to participate in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, a 9-day, all-female off-road rally in Morocco where they use no GPS. She also won the Rebelle Rally in 2018. Most recently Emme participated in the launch and review of the new Land Rover Defender in Namibia.

Show Notes
6:00 - Are all the extra vehicle features worth it?
8:00 - The new Land Rover Defender
12:00 - Hi-Lift jack considerations
21:00 - Choosing the right bike for your body
26:00 - Pros and cons of Toyotas
29:00 - Chevy Colorado ZR2 and broken skid plate on the Rebelle
40:00 - Why you should refer to it as a gas can and not a jerry can
45:00 - John’s new Troopy. 
50:00 - Life in the northern latitudes
56:00 - What overlanding and bike touring have in common
1:01:00 - Public lands ettiquette and marketers 
1:06:03 - Q&A Car camping and gear from a caller in Florida
01:09:54 - Where to start from stock
01:12:10 Best accessories for beach driving
01:17:01 Caller recounts being lost in Wyoming with only whiskey and snickers
01:20:00 Why you should never shame anyone on the trail
01:26:00 New skills in lockdown
01:29:20 2 stepping on air
01:29:20 What’s really in soda water “natural” flavors 


Links & Resources

Maxtrax  - Mentioned by Emme
Garmin inReach - Mentioned by John
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