YROT Episode 3: Matt Crooke's Grandpa is Better Than You, Here's Why

Our guest Matt Crooke owns fifteen52, a successful performance automotive brand, and has at least a dozen rad old cars but still knows he'll ever be as cool as his grandpa. Matt’s pal, Nevin Pontious, is the Art Director for Buck Mason, an amateur flat track racer, and a semi-pro swagman. He gives us his take on why modern technology is really moving us backward as new things can only be updated but not really fixed. Our intrepid host, Taylor, ruminates on the persistence of analog technology -- especially in times of global unsteadiness.

Show Notes:
4:00 - Simplification as a result of the pandemic
7:00 - Taylor’s recording location
11:00 - Matt’s background in auto, music and fashion
14:35 - Nevin Pontius and life on the farm, old cars and upkeep
16:00 - Nevin’s motorcycle purchase to get around Australia
20:00 - Nevin quits his job to hang out with Australians
25:00 - Why is analog tech still so appealing?
32:00 - Matts grandpa and fixing things
35:00 - Modern cars vs old cars
40:00 - Fields full of cars and the thrill of the hunt
46:00 - Hunting for cars online
50:00 - Nostalgia for old stuff
55:00 - Jose calls in to talk photography
01:11:00 - Bikes as supplements to 4x4 adventures
01:16:00 - Vehicle paint protection 
01:28:00 - Opinions on Wes Anderson films
01:30:00 - Taylor asks about how you get into flat track racing
01:33:00 - Hooligan racing
01:43:00- Porsche culture
01:48:00 - Wiley calls in to talk about his new old Ford Ranger


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