YROT Episode 6: Van Life, but Make It 90's

On this episode our host Taylor talks with adventure couple Candice and Jordan. They've traveled a good chunk of the Western Hemisphere in their right-hand drive, no a/c '97 Mitsubishi Delica, and chronicle their travels as @beoldlater on Instagram. Like many other nomadic folks we've talked to, they're hunkered down at their parents' house while in an effort to limit travel during the pandemic. Topics of discussion include: string theory, near-death experiences, reptilian conspiracies, treasure hunts, and the best (and worst) places to poop when you're traveling the country by van. There's also a special celebrity guest appearance towards the end of the interview. 


5:00 - How @beoldlater found themselves living out of a van
6:00 - When van life in "SubieRue", just wasn't cutting it
7:30 - Getting married on the Grand Teton by the "House of Dude"
8:30 - Importing old cars: US vs Canada
10:00 - Deciding on the Pan-American Highway
12:00 -  Details of a dirtbag fairytale wedding
14:00 - Listener asks about living in a simulation
15:00 - Candice wonders if they actually died once in Mexico
22:00 - How to Be Old Later
25:00 - Candice talks about the death of her friend in an airplane crash
30:00 - Getting your van legs back
34:00 - The name behind the van
35:00 - Taylor asks about breakdowns
40:00 -  A bit about the dog, Nugget
44:00 - Bear encounters in Alaska
49:00 - Tayler insults Nugget
53:00 - Vanlife bathroom stories
01:00:00 - Fluffy bunny vs cinnamon challenge
01:05:00 - Forrest Fenn's Treasure
01:07:00 Taylor reads the clues 
01:11:00 - A listener inquires about reptilian people
01:14:00 - One less Tacoma
01:16:00 - The best vehicle for the Pan-American Highway
01:17:00 - Overlanding in Costa Rica
01:18:00 - Dummy steering wheels to pass customs inspections
01:23:00 - Pet peeves and long term travel
01:27:00 - Jordan talks about "decision fatigue", on the road
01:31:00 - Taylor asks about privilege and how it relates to being unconventional
01:36:00 - Setting goals and working with what you have
01:38:00 - Candice & Jordan discover they have people in common with Taylor
01:43:00 - People who stick
01:45:00 - Experiencing the totality eclipse in South America
01:52:00 - The best coffee and why Guatemala is missing the mark
01:52:00 - Advice from the road: Find the best brewery and best coffee in town


Links & Resources
The Pan-American Highway
Nomad America
Impact Overland 
Flat Track Coffee (Austin)
Treeline Coffee (Bozeman)
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