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2024 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Order


What’s The Best Camper For the 2024 Toyota Tacoma?

For the first time, without caveat, it appears as if the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be a genuinely good vehicle that’s absolutely competitive in its segment. It’s also head and shoulders better than its platform mates, featuring a genuinely useful payload that’s considerably higher than even the seven-seat Sequoia. Weighing as little as 266 pounds, pairing a 2024 Toyota Tacoma with the $7,700 GFC Platform Camper creates a genuinely appealing, multipurpose vehicle.

2024 Tacoma Pre-Order Flow


Step 1:

1. Select "2024 Tacoma" in the drop-down on the Order Page for Camper, Topper, or Chase Frame.
2. Configure Your Camper
3. Place order!

Once You Receive Your 2024 Tacoma VIN#

Step 2:

Submit VIN of your new truck (alter Camper, Topper, or Chase Frame options if desired including config. and fulfillment)

Step 3:

Submit delivery date of your new truck (keep us updated to any changes)

Step 4:

Get your camper!

2024 Tacoma Pre-Order Explained

Initial agreement:

Since the 2024 Tacoma is still a future vehicle for anyone ordering at this time we like to take a moment to explain the full ordering process before you make your purchase. By completing this order you are locking in your price for your camper/topper/chaseframe for your new 2024 Toyota Tacoma. The next step is for you to send us in the VIN of your new 2024 Toyota Tacoma whenever you receive it from your dealer. Once we have your truck's VIN we will schedule your unit for production. When we start receiving VINs from customers who have ordered 2024 Tacomas we will send out a reminder email to all other 2024 Tacoma orders. It is important to note that WE CANNOT BEGIN PRODUCTION OF YOUR UNIT UNTIL WE HAVE YOUR VIN#.

Orders will be produced in order of VIN receival, not according to date of order. After that we ask that you communicate your expected delivery date to us as soon as you receive it from the dealer. At that point we can schedule an install here in our Belgrade, MT install shop, get your camper/topper/chaseframe scheduled on a truck to one of our partner shops, or set up direct shipping through our freight partners. As it is possible that the delivery date of your 2024 Tacoma may change we ask that you keep us updated with any delays or changes to your expected date of delivery.

Important Notes:

  • WE CANNOT BEGIN PRODUCTION OF YOUR UNIT UNTIL WE HAVE YOUR VIN#, please ensure you submit your VIN as soon as you receive it from your dealer.
  • At the time of your order we will ask you to select options for your unit including panel color, tent configuration, number of windows, and others (if applicable) as well as your fulfillment preference (Belgrade install, partner shop, freight), you may alter these options when you submit your VIN. Once you submit your VIN, your order is locked in and you may no longer edit your selected options.
  • If you are receiving your camper/topper at a partner shop we will not ship the unit to the shop until you take delivery of your vehicle. This will help us keep our partner shops from having to store units. Once you do take delivery of your truck your unit will be sent to your selected shop on the next available trailer to that location.
  • If you have ordered a ChaseFrame we will ship your unit to you once you have a delivery date.
  • If you wish to cancel your order before your VIN is submitted you will receive a full refund, if your VIN has been submitted you will be refunded your purchase price minus a restocking fee of $500

We appreciate your cooperation in this process and are stoked you’ll be one of the first people with a GFC on your 2024 Toyota Tacoma!

Designing the 2024 Tacoma Camper


Engineered to Fit Perfectly

All GFC Platform Campers are custom-designed to perfectly fit the exact bed dimensions of each year, make, model, and trim of pickup truck they’re compatible with. This stands in contrast to typical industry practice—which produces campers in generic sizes by bed length—and results in a stronger, lighter solution that also maximizes interior space.



“The Platform Camper adds only 6.5 inches to the total height of the new Tacoma, while it’s lightweight construction maintains the truck’s newly-improved driving dynamics,” says GFC CEO Stephan Morris. “A GFC Camper won’t slow you down, and gives you a comfortable, instantly-accessible place to sleep at the end of a long day on the trail.”


The Roof

The half inch-thick white honeycomb composite roof reflects solar radiation and provides air gap insulation, which is then complimented by an additional four inches of foam and fabric from the folded tent, plus another inch of composite in the sleeping area floor. Combined with side access panels that can be securely cracked open, intercepting airflow, this keeps your truck bed much cooler than possible with traditional topper or camper designs.


All-in-One Topper and Camper

When you’re not camping, the Platform Camper doubles as both a truck bed topper and roof rack, adding cab-height lockable space to the bed, and the ability to carry long, heavy objects on the roof. Add the optional GFC Beef Rack crossbars, and you can permanently mount solar panels beneath the load surface, enabling you to safely carry loads above them, while still powering your fridges, and charging your gadgets. A T-track load halo surrounds the roof’s entire perimeter, and is designed to mount anything from lightbars, to awnings, to radio aerials.

The Purchasing Process

Step 1:


Welcome to the Community! You'll receive a confirmation email immediately, and a link to select your preferred install date and time in Belgrade, MT!

*Note: If your install is at a Partner Shop, your installation date will be scheduled by them.

Step 2:

Install Date

Our team schedules your build for production, to meet your preferred installation date!

Step 3:


We Laser Cut, CNC bend, Robotically Rivet and powder coat your panels.


We laser cut, heat press and sew your tent based on the configuration you've selected!


We precision machine each extrusion and billet aluminum component of your camper to fit your exact pickup truck.


Your camper is assembled by a single, expert technician, from start to finish.

Step 4:


Arrive to our installation showroom at the date and time you scheduled when you purchased and enjoy a drink while you watch your camper be installed. Experience your new build for the first time with an expert walkthrough, add any accessories you may want, and you're off on your first adventure with your new GFC!

Partner Shop

Your camper is loaded into a trailer with the destination of your chosen installation shop, on the exact date confirmed in your welcome email. This date is the same as the current shipping date(s) in the lead-time table.

Hear From Our Customers


"Went in and had a camper top installed at their shop. Very friendly people and fast installation. I’ve been using my GFC now for over a year and I am in love with it. Camped all over the US by myself and with my girlfriend. No issues with the camper even after a year of heavy use."

Dallas E.

"Kyle was our service guy he was awesome answered all our q’s hooked us up with stickers and T-shirt’s. Stoked on the product.. can’t wait to go put it to use! Thank you team at GFC! Quick and easy install and great vibe at the shop! Stoked!"

Cristian P.

"Picked up my GFC March 17th. The whole experience was great, From ordering to pick up. I never got delays or any issues with my camper. I am so happy with the look and the quality."

Camper Options Explained


Front and/or Rear Windows

Our tempered automotive grade windows allow you to still use your rear view mirror. Choose to run no rear window for more privacy when standing up to change, or added security.

Panel Colors

Tent Side Doors

Outer Fabric: Tangerine or Stone Gray Water Resistant Ripstop 

Our tent's fabric shell cut & sewn in-house and is made of a high performance and water resistant 300D honeycomb rip-stop polyester. It is specifically chosen for its softer texture and increased packability. 

Inner Fabric: Heavy Weight Black Mesh

Heavy weight mesh to provide premium outward visibility and superior airflow without sacrificing durability or insect protection. Our mesh offers an excellent viewing experience while still being able to last a lifetime.

Tent Fabric Colors

Tangerine Dream

Stone Gray

What to Expect from the Platform Camper

•    Setup or take down camp within seconds
•    Store up to 500lbs. on the roof using beef racks
•    Deploy cabana panels to get away from the elements, rain or shine
•    Transform your sleeping area into a standing desk, a spot to change, or bunk
•    Climb into your tent through your truck bed, or deploy a ladder
•    Lock all three articulating panels to secure your gear
•    Sleep comfortably with a 3" dual density foam mattress
•    Meet more interesting people