About Us

Sure, we’re just a bunch of yahoos from Montana, and no one’s ever accused us of being overly prepared. But we’ve replaced trailer bearings in the desert with a flashlight and a frying pan, and we want to make your life more interesting.

To live an interesting life, you need to know the difference between spectating and living. When you’re spectating, you watch other people, and you know exactly how it ends, with you still sitting in the same place. But when you’re living, you don’t know the end from the outset.

Think of the last time you stepped into the unknown, the unplanned, the un-prepackaged-in-plastic-wrap. Think of a time you tested yourself, or scared yourself, or got in a jam and had to Macgyver your way out. You didn’t know how things would go, or where you’d end up, or even if the road went through. That was interesting.

And if that’s your thing, you probably have a lot of stories. Maybe one time you built mopeds from scratch in your garage and rode them across the Mojave, or rallied motorcycles across southeast Asia, or maybe out near Craters of the Moon you fixed a dirtbike chain with bread ties you begged from a gas station deli. Maybe you’ve shoveled knee deep mud off ship decks in Africa and gotten lost in the Brazilian jungle looking for Fordlandia.

Those are some of our favorite experiences, and the common thread between all of them is that they weren’t planned – or even plannable. We just snuck up on the world, caught it unawares, and saw it for what it really is. And what we discovered is that most of the time, strange decisions turn to fun, strange roads turn the right way, and strangers turn into friends. Surprises and headscratchers always arise – they’re bound to – but they haven’t hurt us. They’ve only made us more capable.