Made To Get Dirty

Adventure Is Dirty

But your cargo doesn't have to be. The GFC Camper is designed to be mud-slung, ice-crusted, dust-caked, brush-pinstriped, all while protecting your cargo.

It's an RV That Works

Just because the GFC Camper gives you a fancy-pants place to sleep doesn't mean you have to give up the utility of your truck bed. There's nothing here that can't be hit with a pressure washer (inside and out). Nothing to rot. Nothing to stain. 

The GFC Is A Material Girl

Most campers are made out of wood, fabric, staples, and particle board. Those things absorb moisture, rot, and eventually fall apart. Not the GFC. Almost everything on it is made from aluminum or composites. No matter how much grime you accumulate on your next job, or your next adventure, the GFC can be reset to pristine with a few coins at the car wash.