Reserve Your Camper

We’re building 40 new GFC Campers every week!

  • Reserving your spot requires a $100 deposit. Based on the current production queue, if you place your deposit today, you’ll be able to get your camper as early as October 2022.
  • We'll contact you within one business day to confirm your vehicle, walk you through your camper options, and to schedule your preferred install date or delivery block.
  • We'll then send you an invoice for the remainder to lock in your build date.

Have questions? Give us a call at 406-625-0406 or use the chat thing in the bottom right corner. 

Deposit is non-refundible unless we are unable to make a camper for your particular truck model. There are very few models we don’t support, but we’ll talk with you soon and verify everything’s good. It should go without saying, but we won’t keep your deposit if we can’t build you a camper.

Options and Pricing

Small to mid-size trucks use a Standard Camper with a Base Price of $7700.

Full size trucks use an XL Camper with a Base Price of $8200.

Full size trucks with an 8' bed use an 8-Footer Camper with a Base Price of $9600.

For final pricing, take one of the base prices listed above and add the cost of your option choices listed below.

Tent Side Doors$525The base camper tent comes with a giant screened door at the back. But for the ultimate in panoramic views and ladder accessibility, the side door option is hard to beat. Choosing this option gives you two more fully openable doors with interior screens and exterior rain flys (one on each side of the tent). 
Premium Panel Color$399The base camper comes powder coated in your choice of black or white. If you want a little more vibrancy in your life, our premium panel color is the ticket. You'll have the option of Tornado Grey, Rifle Green, or Destroyer Blue. We're not sure why these color names all sound so aggressive.
Dare ya Red Panel Color$1Most folks don't have a red truck. But it wasn't too long ago when red toppers seemed to be everywhere. This color is an homage to that time. It's a shiny, loud, racy red, and we want you to run this color so much that we're giving it away for the low low price of just $1. The aggressively-named but timid premium colors above tremble in fear when Dare ya Red rolls by.
Front Window$200A glass window at the front of the camper. The perfect thing for looking into the camper from your cab. Does not open. Alas.
Rear Window$200A glass window in the back panel of the camper. The window itself doesn't open but the entire back panel does, which is way better.

Take a look at the customer build gallery to see some of these options on a truck like yours.