Subtle or bold?


Put some windows on it.


Stealth camp or stand out?

Each GFC V2 Camper can be customized to suit your preferences and needs. Below, you'll find a series of options to make it your own.

Use the variant selector dropdowns to choose your options and add each one to your cart.

Panel Colors

Choose your panel color.

Premium Finishes

Sold out

Tornado (Textured)

Few forces are as imposingas the slate grey of a tornadotearing through town—sowe channeled that fury intoa camper color. A semi-gloss,textured finish will let ‘emknow you’re comin’.

Rifle Green (Textured)

Some call it olive, but this coloris anything but drab. A fine,sandpaper-like feel and mattefinish will look great in thedesert, forest, or anywhere elseyou go.

Destroyer Blue (Textured)

This dark navy blue createsa look as imposing as thebattleships it was named for;while its river texture addsdepth. A satin finish will catchthe light as your rig races by.

"Dare Ya" Red (Gloss)

This is the color of the Corvetteon that poster from yourbedroom wall when you were8. ‘Vettes don’t go off-roadthough, which is why youbought a truck—but you canstill live out those childhood
dreams. A high gloss finish willmake certain that you’re seen.

Standard Finishes

Included in Base Price

White (Textured)

If your preferred definition ofsimple skews light, this soft,flat white will be just the ticket.A fine, sand-textured finishgives it just the right amountof subtle dimension.

Black (Textured)

Keeping it simple doesn’thave to mean basic. This rich,matte black color features asandpaper-like textured finishthat’s as stealth as night itself.

Panel Options

Add a window to either the front, back, or both panels.


Sold out

No Windows (Incl. in Price)

Rear Window (+$200)

Front Window (+$200)

Tent Options

Choose your fabric color; and optional side doors.

Tent Fabrics

Included in Base Price

Choose your tent fabric color.

Tangerine Dream

Make a statement with your tent. Every time you park to camp, it’s like a sunrise. In good weather or in bad.


You want stealth? You wantsubtle? You want stone.

Tent Doors

A full size rear door comes standard; two side doors are available.

Sold out

Rear Door Only (Incl. in Price)

Side Doors (+$525)