Chase Frame

Whether you’re hucking or hauling, this bed rack’s for you. Built using the same aluminum frame technology underpinning the Platform Camper, the Chase Frame can carry your liquids, lights, bikes, recovery gear, lumber, or pretty much anything else. And it’ll do that while holding up to decades of hard use. 

how to purchase


Base Price

80 lbs*


200lbs /bar

Load Capacity

*Dependent on truck bed size

Anti-wobble technology.

Want to load up your bed rack, hit the trail, and not watch it wobble to pieces? Us too. Made from proprietary aluminum extrusions connected by triangulated, machined-from-billet joints that are bolted, rather than welded together, the GFC Chase Frame is actually engineered to hold up to whatever off-road abuse you throw at it. 

Mount anything.

The Beef Rack cross bars include T-track on both their top and bottom, allowing you to bolt stuff to either side. The upright mounting plates are covered in both E-track slots and universal mounting holes. The top of the frame clears your cab, which means you'll be able to carry long objects like lumber or surfboards safely within the vehicle’s wheelbase. 

Carry liquids securely.

Heavy, incompressible, and spill prone, fuel and water are some of the most challenging necessities you need to carry on the trail. With a flip-down load shelf and universal E-track strap, the Chase Frame mounts any style of liquid container not just securely, but accessibly too. 

When you buy a GFC, you're buying more than a Chase Frame.

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