GFC Platform Tent

GFC Platform tent

GFC Platform tent

The GFC Platform Rooftop Tent (RTT) melds seamlessly with your vehicle, so you never have to take it off. If you’re always ready to punch the escape button, you’ll see wilder places, make more interesting decisions, and be more of a legend to your grandkids.


Weight: 150 lbs
Length: 96”
Width: 53”
Height Closed: 6”
Height Open: 54.5”
Roof Storage Capacity Closed: 500 lbs
Roof Storage Capacity Open: 75 lbs
Sleeping Footprint: 50” x 90”
Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults + 🐶/👶
Jumpability Index: Extremely Huckable
How five stars would look here: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

for daily driving

Still want to park in the garage? No problem. At just 6” thick, the Platform Tent is the thinnest production rooftop tent ever made. And with vehicle-specific mounting kits (available for the most popular vehicles) that attach the tent directly to your factory mounting points, you save 3-4” and 30-50 pounds over a traditional rack-mounting system.

And speaking of weight, the Platform delivers 30 square feet of sleeping space at just 150 pounds, making it inch per inch the lightest metal frame tent on the market. It's so light, thin, and aerodynamic, it gives you epic weekends without affecting your weekdays.


When you make a snap decision on a Thursday afternoon to punch the escape button, your tent won’t slow you down. It’s been hammered on in Baja, crawled in Utah, rallied around switchbacks in Colorado, and stabbed by baseball-bat-sized branches on our trails here in Montana. The secret? The exterior metal framing and billet hinge corners are tougher than anything else on the market.

But let’s say one of Tesla’s starlink satellites falls out of orbit and punched a hole through the roof of your tent. You still won't be headed for the dump and hoping insurance covers it. The Platform's modular design means we can replace any damaged components here in our USA manufacturing facility, getting you back to camp without sending a bunch of beautiful race car parts to the landfill.

And if, for some reason, you’re not that hard on your nice gear, the Platform will simply last you that much longer.


Need to haul a surfboard? Kayak? Bicycles? Lumber? The RTT doesn’t just avoid stealing rack space, it creates more.Up top, you can add the optional Flight Deck crossbar system (the toughest roof rack on the market) or your own standard 1 ⅛” round bars. Then load up the roof with your toys. When you pull off for the night, there's no need to unload, just sleep under what you brought. The tent pops with up to 75 pounds on top.

The proprietary utility track that traces the perimeter of the tent gives you even more options. Add awnings, lights, shovels, or whatever else your adventure might need.


The Platform Tent pops up to the sleep position in 5 seconds. Ground tents can’t do that. Wind up and flip top roof tents can’t do that. Heck, you can’t even get into a hotel room that fast (not that you’d want to these days).

But if you know anything about rooftop tents, it’s not the setup time you’ve got to worry about. It’s the breakdown. With traditional roof tents, cold weather freezes that fabric so it won't fold down properly. That forces you to carry a generator and a hairdryer if you want to hit the road at a reasonable hour. Ridiculous.

The Platform's honeycomb roof keeps ice from forming on the fabric sides, while the quality textiles and efficient patterning make folding easy in even the coldest temperatures. The result is a breakdown time that rivals the set up. Just tuck in the sides, pull down ‘til it clicks, and be on your way.


You can't have a good time outside if you’re too tired to function. Which is why we built the Platform Tent to give you the rest you need while you’re out there. That way, you can re-enter civilization, get your work done fast, and turn feral again as soon as possible.

For waking rest, the airy 4-foot head height will have you lounging in luxury, whether your eyes are glued to the landscape or the pages of Steinbeck and Hemingway. At bedtime, beyond the back of your eyelids, you’ll notice the supportive mattress beneath you, the weatherproof roof above you, and the windproof walls around you.

If it’s nice out, you’ll feel the cooling cross ventilation from the zip-and-roll screens, and if a storm is howling, what you won’t notice is the wind. We carefully engineered the RTT’s shape and material palette to minimize wind noise – a key factor in getting the sleep of the righteous.

With all that comfort, you might be tempted to polish off your banquet beer with a pinky out, like you were at some glampground.


We build everything on the RTT, from the aluminum frame to the fabric tents, right here in Bozeman, Montana.

We employ a team of great people and robots to deliver supremely high quality products at reasonable prices. Everything we make was designed in-house. We don't rebrand an outsourced product. Our team of in-house designers, engineers, and constructors are what make GoFast Campers great.