Current lead times: 12-15 weeks


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Submit your deposit. Both Standard and XL campers require a $500 non-refundable deposit.


You will receive a welcome email with a form to submit your vehicle's VIN number. We use this information to assign your model number, which is tied to your vehicle’s make, model and bed length. The sooner this is confirmed, the sooner we can begin setting your options.


You will receive an options setting form that you will fill out to configure your build (panel color, tent color, tent doors, and windows). In this form you will also select your preferred install or shipping date based on the date range stated in the option setting form email. Our Customer Experience team will handle any remaining questions about the buying process, or life in general. Take a quick peek at those options and pricing here.


Once your options form is submitted and you have selected a preferred install or shipping date, we will call you to confirm your configuration and schedule accordingly. 

Due to the made to order nature of our products, we require that final invoices are paid in full to lock in install appointments and shipment dates. Our invoicing process gives you convenient options for account transfers, and credit/debit card payments. We even allow for split pay which allows you to spread the cost over multiple cards. Split payments can be great for those with specific daily limits. We do not offer payment plans.  

Final invoices must be paid within 3-days to secure your preferred appointment, otherwise, we will forfeit the appointment and allow for other customers to schedule at that time.


Once paid and scheduled, you can follow your build process on our Camper Leaderboards.

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