Current lead times: 12-15 weeks


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Submit your deposit. V2 RTT's require a $350 non-refundable deposit.


You will receive an options form to configure your build (fabric color, mount options.) This is a great time to ask any unanswered questions about mounting your RTT and discuss any other questions you might have.


Once your options form is submitted we will send the final invoice.


Now that your final invoice has been paid, your RTT will be added to the production queue, built, and shipped. If you opted for freight delivery of your RTT, we will invoice you upon completion of your unit. Once your freight invoice is paid, we'll work on packaging your RTT and we will send tracking info as soon as it leaves our facility.

If you opted for a local installation of your unit, a member of our team will call you to schedule an appointment after your final invoice is paid.You can even follow your build process on our RTT Leaderboard as well.  

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