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Platform RTT



TBD @ Time of Completion. $600- $1000 Typical Freight. Please note this is subject to change at time of invoice. International customers will be handled on an individual basis depending on location.


Professional installation is available; and occurs at the GFC Retail space in Belgrade, MT.The shop rate is $100 per hour. For our 4Runner customers using GFC mounting system and our antenna delete kit, the install timeframe is about 1 hour. Other vehicles and rack combos usually take longer. If you're curious about your specific setup, please choose from the helpful guides below or reach out for more support.

4runner - Toyota

The GFC Mounting kit for the 5th Gen 4runner combines mounting brackets designed to fit to the factory roof rack with a sharkfin antennae delete. This kit comes with instructions on how to install the system, as well as remove the factory antennae housing to be replaced with our custom cap, which enables mounting the tent 1/2" off the factory sheet metal for unparalleled low profile mounting. Check out the install video for more support!

Land Cruiser - Toyota

Designed and produced in house, this kit was created to mount our RTT on 60 and 80 series Toyota Land Cruisers. The kit includes 4 gutter rail clamps and hardware. If you have questions about fitment follow along with our install video or reach out.

Aftermarket Racks + CROSSBAR MOUNTING  

If you choose this mounting setup, please make sure that your crossbars are flat/level across their length (not bowed) as this will significantly impact the final installation.

Crossbar Mounting Straps: Compatible with standard Yakima/Thule or comparable round, square, or aero-style crossbars. Crossbars need to be at least 56" long and can be no wider than 2.5" for proper mounting. This mounting setup adds an additional 0.25"-0.50" in height over your existing crossbars.  Click here for Crossbar Mounting Strap Install Guide.

Aftermarket Rack Mounts: Compatible with most aftermarket rack systems that utilize t-slot style crossbars (Prinsu, Sherpa, FrontRunner, etc) and most truck topper integrated track systems with spacing no greater than 53" apart. These mounts add an additional 1" of height to your mounting setup and you will need to source your own rack-specific t-nuts and bolts for the installation. Click here for Aftermarket Rack Mount Install Guide.

With either setup referenced above, the mounting points should be at least 48" apart for proper installation and use. If you have a setup with a lesser distance, please let us know so we can advise you on the best way to mount your RTT.


Custom Mounting

As a company founded on innovation and a DIY spirit, we love that you are taking destiny by the reins! With that spirit in mind, we have created this GFC Custom Mounting Guide for support. We know how exciting this process can be, but we strongly recommend waiting until you have the RTT in your possession prior to any custom work to ensure proper fitment. At this time, we are not able to accommodate local installation for any RTT customers using non-GFC supported mounting setups. If this sounds like you, we do require that you have your completed unit shipped to either you or your local preferred mechanic/fabricator for final



Check out the GFC Support Center.

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