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3" Mattress Covers

Included as standard option with all new Camper and RTT orders!

Honeycomb panels and foam are not included with this product, only the mattress covers for the Camper or RTT selected.

For the full mattress, check out the TurboNap Sleep System.

Want a second set of TurboNap mattress covers to have on hand just in case? Spill something un-cleanable on them and need a new set? We have you covered.

Our all-new mattress system provides an unparalleled sleep experience, while retaining the convenience and usefulness of the Transform-A-Floor. It’s called the TurboNap, which is a silly name sitting on top of a serious feat of engineering and design.

Compatibility: All GFC Campers and RTTs; fits 3" TurboNap Mattress foam

Leadtime: 10 weeks or less to your door. Not available for local pickup at HQ or Partner Shops.