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GFC Campout In Joshua Tree

November 29, 2022 2 min read 2 Comments

GFC Campout In Joshua Tree

The week before Thanksgiving, we came down to California to kick off our new events program that we are building out around our new California and Colorado locations.

The trip got started around the LA Auto Show, where we were invited to host a campout in front of the Porsche Hall as a test for the show to add an overland experience. It went really well, and we are hoping that we can do it again next year and open it up to all of you!

@pc3coyote's truck in front of the crypto.com arena.

Was probably the strangest place we have ever had the chance to camp.


Saturday was the big show however, and you guys made this the most significant GFC event we have ever had, by far. Almost 100 trucks showed up at the Red Dog Saloon in Pioneertown, and after hanging out for a couple of hours we headed toward a Sunfair Dry lake just out of town.

Ted explaining where we were heading. No cell service made communication go fully analog.

Train of GFC equipped trucks heading down to the playa.

These guys just finished up a 13,000 mile Arctic adventure and still down to come out and camp.

Was rad to see how everyone customized their campers at the event. @sunnyoutdooradventures has a dialed setup!

We hauled a half a cord of firewood out to the lakebed as it was pretty chilly at night, turns out the gladiator with the topper is pretty dang good for putting in work. 



Was a killer night hanging out with more of y'all. Our community is full of amazing folks, and to have the opportunity for you guys to meet each other was amazing. Over the course of the night people found new friends to camp with in the future and inspiration for dialing in their camp setup.

We managed to get some sleep…well, some did.

Honestly, we should have started doing these years ago. This campout was amazing and we can't wait to get more on the schedule.

Want to join us on the next one? We made a page specifically for building out an events, for everything from cars and coffee to big campouts.



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Sunny H
Sunny H

November 30, 2022

That was an epic event. I can’t believe the amount of people that we met and had a chance to talk to. The talk around the bonfire was amazing to hear everyone’s stories and how GFC impacted their lives. Thank you for putting this event on!


November 30, 2022

It looked like everyone had a great time. Now I am kicking myself for not going …. 😢. Is there a Baja trip to escape the cold of SoCal?

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