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Our Values

Actions we value:

  1. Speaking up about things that need fixing (and being a part of that solution).
  2. Taking initiative to solve problems.
  3. Criticizing ideas in an effort to strengthen those ideas.
  4. Advocating for things that will make customers more likely to recommend our products to their friends.
  5. Expecting excellence out of yourself and others.

Actions that will get you fired:

  1. Lying, cheating, stealing.
  2. Protectionism. Talking/acting in terms of my team (or me) vs the rest. We are all one team. We all have to work together with the customer’s interests in mind.
  3. Saying that something is as optimized or as good as it can ever be.
  4. Not bringing up problems. If you don’t think something is working, you are obligated to bring it up with everyone you think can help you fix it.
  5. Disrespect or personal attacks. Criticism of ideas (even other people’s ideas or work) is encouraged. Criticism of people will not be tolerated.

Traits that require zero talent:

  1. Being coachable and adaptable.
  2. Positive, can-do attitude.
  3. Showing up prepared.
  4. Doing extra, or picking up slack.
  5. Passion.
  6. Punctuality—be on time.
  7. Strong work ethic.

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