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Max & Meg

Build #2393

"I got connected with GFC because another friend got one.  It was something that was always seen as a 'down-the-road' situation... It turned into 'oh why would I wait until I'm 50 to enjoy the truck.'"

Jake & Milan

Build #2987

"We tried toy-haulers, we've had an R.V. and while that was fun, we wanted something that would enable us to get further off-grid... We wanted as much ability to mount up as much as we could on the roof. We also wanted to fully access the rear of the truck... and park anywhere "


Ronny L.

"This camper has been a game changer. Easy set up and break down. Less time spent cleaning up and more time enjoying the camp site."

Ben D.

"GFC is truly the best in the business.

I’ve been super impressed with the build quality, comfort and functionality of the camper. It goes everywhere I go and has given me many good nights. Entire process was streamlined and it was very interesting to get a peek into how they manufacture everything here in the USA. Five stars."

Nathan S.

"The camper is great. I’ve got 10 nights in it since purchase in may of ‘23 and find myself looking for excuses to wing it on trips and sleep in it. Incredibly comfortable bed, outrageously quick set up / tear down, and high build quality. The unexpected best part is the side access to the whole bed, eliminating the “dead spots” at the front of the pickup bed that would inevitably collect things... I would highly encourage you to just go ahead and do it."

Mark H.

"It took me twenty minutes, once I saw shops were opening in California to make the purchase of my now seven month old GFC. It is by far a luxury purchase for most, but I get out on the trails of AZ a lot and have easily camped over twenty nights, making this an investment in my happiness. I previously had the launch edition superlite and loved that. Thanks GFC for spreading so much joy in me and countless others."

Terry R.

"Fantastic group of people. I had GFC on Chevy Colorado and now the V2 on full size silverado. This set up is so easy and convenient. You have the ability for lots of customization. They stand behind their product and I highly recommend this company and products"

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10/27/2023 - 10/29/2023
Uwharrie Region, NC

A family friendly festival full of fun, camping, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, nutritional seminars, yoga and much more. Vendors, exhibits and live music!


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