Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Platform Camper Universal Fit?

Each supported truck has a uniquely-designed camper to fit its bed and cab dimensions. We do not produce a universal model or shim kits to adapt from one truck to another.

Do you support my vehicle?

We support 117 vehicles and counting, so there's a good chance that we do. You can check on our Vehicle Compatibility page. If you don’t see your vehicle, please fill out the “Unsupported Models Form." Reach out to our sales team for more info at 1 (406) 630-6969.

How much does it weigh?

The standard size camper weighs around 270 pounds depending on options. The XL size weighs about 300 pounds.

Will it fit in my garage?

The Platform Camper's RTT is the thinnest pop top assembly on the market at a svelte 6". There's about an inch-and-a-half additional clearance above the cab on most trucks.*

A safe bet is to add 8" to the height of your truck's cab; and then compare that measurement to the high-point of your garage's vehicle entry point.

*We use the Craven Speed Stubby Jr. antenna to decrease overall height on the Colorado / Canyon.

How do I mount it?

We recommend having your Platform Camper professionally installed by our in-house install team at the GFC Retail space in Belgrade, Montana. However, if you're having the camper shipped, please check out our DIY install guide.

What if my truck bed or cab isn't stock?

If you have a modified vehicle, please reach out to tell us about your setup. We are always happy to help get you on the path to having a Platform Camper on your rig.

How easy is it to take it off?

While the Platform Camper is easy to remove–thanks to a simple, four-fastener attachment system–it was designed to be left on your truck without hindering its use as a daily driver or work rig.

“Cabana Mode” offers greater versatility than a typical topper thanks to its openable side panels. When the integrated RTT is closed; and when using optional Beef Rack Cross Bars, up to 500 pounds can be loaded onto the Platform Camper roof. The tent can be popped with up to 75 pounds on top.

Can you lock the camper?

Each panel on the topper has two locking latches, and the rear tailgate panel can be locked/ unlocked from within the camper as well. The root top tent portion is secured by a push pin system and can withstand even the roughest conditions.

What are the panels made out of?

The panels are made from 500-Series aluminum, and offer an excellent balance of weight and strength. The panels are powder coated for aesthetic appearance and color.

What are the color options?

Platform Camper panel standard color choices are Black and White. Premium color options (+$399) are Tornado Gray, Destroyer Blue, and Rifle Green. For just a dollar, you can get “Dare Ya” Red. You read that right. Just $1. We dare ya.

The tent fabric options are Tangerine or Stone Grey. Check out the Options & Features page to see swatches.

Can it vent underway (for my dog?)

The Platform Camper stays quite a bit cooler than a typical truck camper, as our roof is insulated with both 2" of foam (the mattress) and 2.5" of air. Additionally, the RTT roof is white, which reflects light and reduces heat. We do not currently offer vents.

Can accessories be added after install?

Thanks to the Platform Camper’s modular design, all GFC accessories can be installed at a later date.

However, available build options (such as camper windows and tent side doors) must be specified during the ordering process.

Is it cross-compatible with different generations of the same truck?

Our V1 and V2 Platform Campers are not  cross-compatible between truck makes and models.

For more info on this, hit us up.

For dodge ram customers!

RAM Trucks have either tapered or straight bed rails, but unfortunately a VIN number does not distinguish between the two. If you are a RAM owner, please click here to download our how to guide.  If you have questions just reach out.

What are the Platform RTT's dimensions?

The standard Platform RTT exterior dimensions are 53"x97". When closed, the RTT will be 6" thick, which is the thinnest RTT on the market by a significant margin.

The Platform RTT's interior dimensions are 50" x 90"; it's 55" tall at the peak.

How much does the Platform RTT weigh?

The Platform RTT weighs around 135lbs. Any gymgoer knows that's a standard warm-up weight on the bench, or for those don't skip leg day, a back squat. Don't skip leg day and the install will be all the easier.

Do you support custom mounting?

The RTT can be mounted to most aftermarket racks by using our Aftermarket Kit. For those going the more custom route, take a look at our Custom Mounting Disclaimer  for more support.

That said, we are not able to accommodate local installation for any RTT customers using non-GFC supported mounting setups at this time. If this sounds like you, we do require that you have your completed unit shipped to either you or your local preferred mechanic/fabricator for final install.

How do I mount an rtt to my Land cruiser or 4runner?

Toyota Land Cruiser 60 & 80 Series Gutter Mounts: Designed and produced in-house, this kit was created to mount our RTT on 60 and 80 series Toyota Land Cruisers. The kit includes 4 gutter rail clamps and hardware.Click here for Land Cruiser Gutter Mount Install Guide.

5th Gen. Toyota 4Runner Mounts: Designed and produced in-house, the 5th Gen. (2010-2022) 4Runner mount kit utilizes the factory roof rack mounting points and includes an antenna delete kit for unparalleled low-profile mounting.Click here for 5th Gen. 4Runner Mount Install Guide.

Does the RTT support a load?

The RTT will lift with 75 pounds on the roof, so bikes/skis/boats, etc. can be easily attached with our mounting systems. Additionally, when using our Beef Rack Cross Bars, the RTT supports up to 500lbs of mounted cargo.

Additionally, depending on specific vehicle applications, the tent doesn't need additional support for mounting, so it can act as its own rack.

Does it come with a ladder?

The Platform RTT features a door on each side, as well as a rear door. While it does not include a ladder, you can purchase a one from us here.

Is it compatible with aftermarket roof racks & Crossbars like Yakima & Thule?

If you choose this mounting setup, please make sure that your crossbars are flat/level across their length (not bowed) as this will significantly impact the final installation.

Crossbar Mounting Straps: Compatible with standard Yakima/Thule or comparable round, square, or aero-style crossbars. Crossbars need to be at least 56" long and can be no wider than 2.5" for proper mounting. This mounting setup adds an additional 0.25"-0.50" in height over your existing crossbars.Click here for Crossbar Mounting Strap Install Guide.

Aftermarket Rack Mounts: Compatible with most aftermarket roof/bed rack systems that utilize t-slot style crossbars (Prinsu, Sherpa, FrontRunner, etc) and most truck topper integrated track systems with spacing no greater than 53" apart. These mounts add an additional 1" of height to your mounting setup and you will need to source your own rack-specific t-nuts and bolts for the installation. *Please note, if you are running a bed rack - the bed rackmust be higher than the cab of your vehicle for proper fitment with this mounting setup.Click here for Aftermarket Rack Mount Install Guide.

With either setup referenced above, the mounting points should be at least 48" apart for proper installation and use. If you have a setup with a lesser distance, please let us know so we can advise you on the best way to mount your RTT.


If you're looking to side mount an awning or accessory, we've made that easy through use of our Universal Mounting Brackets. For all the insights you need, download our how-to guide.

Looking for more product guides?

Our team is hard at work creating digestible content for those wanting to know more about our products, install processes, and all the insights you need to make your GFC the perfect base camp. If you can't find the right guide, hit up our team at support@gfcengineering.com.

How much is Camper shipping?

For Platform Camper customers, the best option is to choose a professional installation at our retail space near Bozeman, Montana. In addition to the install, our helpful team who will provide some tips to enjoy the first night in your new camper around beautiful Big Sky Country. You can also check out our accessory inventory firsthand. And have some snacks and drinks on us.

Platform Camper installation costs $175, and is payable with the final invoice.

Platform Campers ship freight; the rate is determined at the Time of Completion. Typical freight is $1800-3000, but please note that this is subject to change at the time of invoicing.

For freight shipments and pricing, contact us via email, we recommend reaching out before you place a deposit.support@gfcengineering.com.

How much is RTT shipping?

Platform RTTs ship freight; the rate is determined at the Time of Completion. Typical freight is $600- $1000, but please note that this is subject to change at the time of invoicing.

If you don't wanna deal with freight shipping, professional installation is available; and occurs at the GFC Retail space in Belgrade, MT.The shop rate is $100 per hour. For our 4Runner customers using a GFC mounting system and our antenna delete kit, the installation timeframe is about 1 hour. Other vehicles and rack combinations usually take longer. If you're curious about your specific setup, please contact us for more information.

what is white glove delivery?

Gas ain’t cheap and your time is valuable. We still really hope you’ll visit us here in the last best place, but if you need your camper delivered, we’ve got you.

Click here to learn more.

Do you have a warranty?

Every component in the GFC platform comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase on all material, craftsmanship, and parts. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or to damage or cosmetic blemishes sustained during use.

GFC will repair or replace defective items at no cost to the customer, but the customer is responsible for delivering the product (i.e. tent or camper) to the repair facility.

The owner of the GFC product must assume the cost and liability of freight, and all damage incurred from shipping is the responsibility of the product owner and shipping company.

Do you do refunds?

Products that utilize a deposit to purchase (i.e. Platform Camper and Platform RTT) have a non-refundable policy on the deposit.

If you choose to cancel your order after paying the final invoice, you will be liable to a $500 restocking fee and be held liable to transaction fees (i.e. the cost of wire transaction/payment processing fees).

Do you do custom work?

We don’t offer custom products for our customers, but we do have an array of accessories to fit most builds and activities. Be sure to ask about these items when finalizing your build options with our Customer Experience Team. For custom work, we recommend partnering with the local fabricator of your choosing.

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