Speedy Setup

Space for 2+ 1/2

For Tacoma SB

Base Price*

Built for Adventure

Make your truck work for you with flexible space for humans, dogs, cargo, or anything else you can dream up. The lift panels provide total access to the bed while creating an instant shade structure. Release two latches and the tent glides open on gas struts. Access standing height shelter in the bed through the modular tent floor. Carry anything you want, securely, in the capped bed, and throw up to 500 pounds of building materials, or boats on the roof. Bolt your awnings, your lights, your Hi-Lift or anything else to the perimeter T-track or optional cross bars.

Roof Supports Solar

Or surfboards, even when open.

Pass-Through RTT

Transition between your truck bed and RTT without getting out.

4-Season Use

Wind, snow, sun, rain, whatever.


Open up your World

Cabanas are sweet, so we made one that bolts to the back of your truck. Pop the panels and you’ve got a spot to sip a frosty beverage that’s out of the sun. Lift the tent and remove the floor panels, and you’ve got a standing height shelter where you change clothes, cook, or sleep.

Adapt for Anything

Haul lumber on Thursday. Head out to the wild on Friday. The Platform Camper allows you to use your truck as a truck; and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes time to play.

Furthermore, our unique Transform-A-Floor allows for even greater configuration options depending on whether you’re hanging out, sleeping by yourself, or bunking with another.

Space Frame

The Platform Camper's architecture is a functional work of art: made from rigid, lightweight, truss-like interlocking components.

Removable Panels

The powder coated, aluminum side panels are removable if you need to pull them. They're replaceable if you have to.


With a little know-how, you can fix virtually any part of the Platform Camper yourself. Or, our service team is always ready to assist.


Built Like a Race Truck

Just like a trophy truck, every GFC is serviceable. If you drive as hard as we do, we’ve got the spare parts, technical expertise, and service department to back you up. Or, if you’re simply cruising fire roads to access remote surf spots or climbs, our campers and tents will hold up to years of use.


The Standard Platform Camper fits most midsize trucks.



The XL Platform Camper fits full-sized trucks.


8 Footer

The 8 Footer fits full-sized trucks with 8' beds.


Curious about compatibility?


That's the number of truck makes and models that GFC proudly supports. That's more models than any other truck camper company.

*And we're always working to support more.

Standard Features

Base Camper

  • Black anodized aluminum pop-top camper assembly
  • Black anodized aluminum space frame
  • Operable, locking, powder-coated hard sided panels
  • Installation kit designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Tent mattress

Standard Panel Colors



Tent Fabric Color Options

Tangerine Dream


Available Options

More than 4,000 Configs.

  • Front and/or Rear Topper Windows (+ $200 / window)
  • Tent Side Doors (One on each side) (+ $525)

Premium Panel Colors

Destroyer Blue (+$399)

Tornado Grey (+$399)

Rifle Green (+$399)

"Dare Ya" Red (+$1)

Platform Camper

Most Units < 300 lbs

2 Adults + 🐶/👶


90" x 50" // Standard
90" x 56" // XL
5' Tent Headroom


500 lbs // Closed
75 lbs // Open



Experience the GFC Platform Camper

Ordering a Platform Camper requires a $500 non-refundable deposit.
Pay it today, have your camper installed as soon as August 2022.

We'll contact you to:
- Confirm vehicle selection
- Confirm build configuration
- Schedule an install date

Still thirsty? Learn about our Purchase Process & Installation Process.

Please reach out for a shipping quote prior to placing your deposit.