The GFC Topper

Platform Topper

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Lighter than most fiberglass toppers. Less weight, more load.


Billet and pressure-formed aluminum space frame will never crack, wobble, rattle or break. 


Full length locking panels provide total access to the bed.


Made to work hard. Made to outlast your truck. Made in America

Adventure Ready

Carry anything, securely, and access it easily with the lightest, strongest, most versatile truck topper ever made. The GFC Platform Topper is made in Montana, from parts sourced in America.

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Spicy Load Rating

The GFC Platform Topper will hold just about anything you throw on it and won’t rattle apart when you use it.

  • 800 lb roof load rating (with 4 crossbars)
  • Triangulated space frame won’t wobble or rattle apart off-road
  • Mount accessories on all sides (T-track load halo surrounds roof)
  • Crossbars sit above cab height so you can carry long loads 
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Maximum Access

It’s no good locking up your tools or outdoors gear if it means you can’t get to them either. The GFC Platform Topper provides total access, and total security with locking panels that surround the sides and rear of your truck bed.

  • Reach any part of your truck bed
  • All-aluminum locking panels
  • Cabana mode provides a place to hang out in the shade 
  • Translucent honeycomb roof lets light in, keeps heat out
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Just Made Better

GFC cuts the crap, not corners. That means billet parts, custom frame tubes, and obsessive attention to detail.

  • Almost every component is billet aluminum designed and machined in-house.
  • Weld-free construction eliminates stress cracking
  • Designed and manufactured in Montana
  • 100% user repairable
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