Gas ain’t cheap and your time is valuable. We still really hope you’ll visit us here in the last best place, but if you need your camper delivered, we’ve got you.

And we do mean we. Shipping something as big as a truck camper isn’t easy, so rather than contract a generic logistics company, we’re going to drive them to you ourselves (anywhere in the lower 48), and install them in your driveway. This means it’ll be done right, but it also means we need a little flexibility on your part.

Pay in full today, and we’ll get you your order within six months. If you live somewhere with a high volume of orders, that may be a little sooner. Once your camper is ready to go, we’ll contact you to find a delivery and install window that works.

WEST | $750

MIDWEST | $900

EAST | $1000

We should mention that fuel prices can affect the cost of delivery, and if we see significant trends up or down in fuel we can adjust pricing accordingly.

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