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Boho Chic Interior Makeover for Jeep Gladiator

Regardless of your budget, planning out an interior build can be a tricky process. And while a GFC provides the perfect blank canvas for your ideal setup, it prompts quite a few questions before making that first cut or throwing in that first bolt. Do you start with a theme, or Is it all about the functinality? Are we building for quick day trips, or week long missions? 

To help your process, we're throwing down on a quickie of a build with one goal in mind - absolute coziness. So orporate told us we had to choose a well known store that most of our customers would have access to, forcing us to get a bit inventive, all while adhering to the build constraints outlined below. 

Our Build Constraints: 

  • $500 budget 
  • 1 Day to complete
  • 1 Store for all supplies
  • NO Powertools

Do we suggest going full "boho chic'' with your interior? If you want to, sure. Should you follow our methods? Maybe, maybe not. However, the real beauty from this series is all about the mindset. With a little spontaneity and willingness to step into the unknown adventures all around us, maybe we can all feel a bit more empowered and optimistic about the future. 

What In The World Market Were We Thinking?

The first time someone walks into World Market can be quite a strange trip. Is this just an overpriced furniture store with the best variety of foreign candy and a wine section? Am I about to spend over an hour of my life and half a paycheck on said candy? It's all of those things in one, which sounds like quite the place to build an overland rig to us.

With a single day to complete the project, we were ready at the ass crack of dawn awaiting the automatic doors to Valhalla to open... at 10am. 

Once inside, we started from the ground up and went straight to the rug section. Everyone knows the ribs in a truck bed can wreak havoc on the knees, and a good rug can add comfort and less slippage when storing items. We then jumped into the furniture aisle for a chair that commands respect... hence the wicker. Everyone knows wicker is practically screaming luxury and comfort, plus it's flexible which also means "huckable". The rest of our build includes multiple lighting options and some other bells and whistles seen in the gallery and YouTube video at the end of this article. And yes, that is indeed a wind chime. 

Overall Build Rating: C-

Contrary to our spontaneous 9.5 rating in the YouTube recap, we're giving this setup just above a passing grade. Not every day-build under budget will take best in show, but as you'll see, it did hold up to some "light" off-roading (Ted flat out sent it honestly), and the vibes were pretty immaculate. Even though half the lighting failed after the frisky jaunt through Copper City, we did take advantage of the platform's proprietary welnuts to keep things in place. Word to the wise, check your cable lengths and do your best not to tear through those as they're kinda important.  

The wicker chair held up as one would have expected and was the perfect spot to chow down on some charcuterie as we took in the view. Albeit the drapes were a bit in the way, once we parted them to the side and busted out the wind chime, things really came together. Further proof that comfort and style are somewhat relative to the builder. 

Final Thoughts...

There's a lot to be said about our little boho build, but we'll leave you with a quote from Ted that hits the nail on the head. 

"As I sit here drinking this glass of discounted wine looking over Copper City, MT, I can’t help but think how comfortable I really am. I think this speaks to the volume of personal comfort and how it’s truly relative. And if you consider comfort to be a fully built out truck bed with a refrigerator and kitchen sinks, then by all means. The beauty of the GFC is that you’re able to do that, and if you just want to throw in a rug and a chair and chop that thing in half to fit it in the truck, then that’s cool too. At the end of the day, as long as you’re getting out there and enjoying mother nature and having a good time, then that’s what it’s all about."

If you're interested in more well thought out interior builds, look no further than the GFC Forum to see what our customers are up to. There's even a "cozy boho" build with even better rugs. And if you need a few accessories for mounting and more, check our our shop

- Thayne Palmer, GFC