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Camper #63

November 21, 2020 1 min read

Camper #63

I love my camper. It is a great conversation starter in the field as well as places like parking lots, tire centers, and the gas pump. I have given many ‘tours’ of my unit in these different locations–even deploying the tent for show and tell.

In the field it is easy to deploy, provides comfortable shelter while occupying a small footprint, something I really appreciate; and I still have use of the truck bed. The unit seems to be performing very well in extreme temperatures. Last winter I camped at the Grand Canyon in late October. It was 11 degrees overnight. Recent daytime temps reached 110 where I live; so far so good.

Thank you GFC team! You have honored your commitment to this customer. My biggest concern at this point is how long I might have to wait for a new unit when its time to get a new truck, as I can’t imagine being without one.



Year 2000
Make Toyota
Model Tundra
Wheels Stock
Tires Michelin
Suspension Bilstein
Armor Stock
Lights Stock
Unit # 63
Instagram N/A