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Speedy Setup

Space for 2+ 1/2

& 6" Low Profile

Base Price

Built for

Adding only six inches of additional height to your roof and weighing just 135 pounds, the slimmest rooftop tent takes the smallest bite out of your fuel economy and payload capacity possible. It also doubles as a roof rack, allowing you to mount lights, awnings, tools, or to carry bikes, boats, or lumber on top.

Roof Supports Solar

Or surfboards, even when open.

Accessorize with T-Track

Want to add an awning? No problem. Antenna? Done. Mantis Claw ladder? Piece of cake. The T-Track allows for near-endless accessory customization.

4-Season Use

Wind, snow, sun, rain, whatever.


Open up your World

Line the Platform Roof Top Tent up with the competition and you’ll see that one is not like the others. Ours is thinner, lighter, and more versatile. The wedge-style opening holds up against the fiercest winds; on the inside it creates the feeling of a vaulted ceiling with a tremendous amount of headroom. The top panel is designed to hold your boards, solar, or more without the need to remove them each time it’s pitched. All of that means more time doing what you love; less time worrying about setting up camp.

An elevated experience

Goodbye, Ground Game

Ground tents are great for backpacking and human-powered ventures, but they’re a pain-in-the-ass when basing out of a truck or SUV. Meet the RTT. It’s an elevated experience that takes the pain points outta camping. Say goodbye to broken poles, bent stakes, and those annoying times you have to re-pitch in the yard just to dry the tent out. With the Platform RTT, camping is easy.


The RTT is designed to be a permanent fixture that doesn’t sacrifice your SUV’s drivability.

Fully Hardsided

When closed, the RTT is fully hardsided. With that kind of durability, it can be used season-after-season; year-after-year—without needing to be removed and stored between use.


Built to last, the RTT is fully serviceable; virtually any of its parts can be repaired or replaced. Do it yourself or have our service team assist.


Built Like a Race Truck

Just like a trophy truck, every GFC is serviceable. If you drive as hard as we do, we’ve got the spare parts, technical expertise, and service department to back you up. Or, if you’re simply cruising fire roads to access remote surf spots or climbs, the Platform RTT will hold up to years of use.

Platform RTT

A thinner, lighter, more versatile Roof Top Tent


Mount Options


If you're using a different aftermarket setup or need support for custom mounting solutions, download our RTT Mounting Guide for support.

Design & Construction

Platform RTT

  • 6" thin when closed
  • Perfect blend of protection from elements and immersion in outdoors
  • Black anodized aluminum pop-top tent assembly
  • Built to withstand the rigors of Baja off-road racing

Standard Features

Platform RTT

  • Rear door, dual side doors, and dual side windows come standard
  • Proprietary utility track makes mounting accessories easy
  • Serves as its own rack—can lift 75 lbs. on its roof
  • Tent mattress included

Platform RTT

135 lbs

2 Adults + 🐶/👶


90" x 50" // Standard
5' Tent Headroom


500 lbs // Closed*
75 lbs // Open

*Not to exceed vehicle roof weight capacity

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