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We Are GFC

A storm’s been brewin’.

The world is burning while billionaires take joy rides up to space.

They rocket past the stratosphere, fueled by plunders from a rigged system.

These titans have amassed their wealth at the expense of everyone else.

“Tax the poor, feed the rich” is the status quo.

Meanwhile, they’ve paid and pandered to keep us distracted:

Red vs. Blue. Me vs. You.

While we bicker about who gets to control who, they lord over us all.

Bestowing upon us jobs with unlivable wages;

While executive salaries soar to levels never reached before.

Bankruptcies lead to layoffs for the masses;

And ludicrous executive payoffs that further the divide.

Cancer in the air. Lead in the water. Plastic on the beach. Fire in the sea.

A slap on the wrist. They pay a little fine. Operations continue the same way each time.

On our current trajectory, society’s demise is the only conceivable outcome.

That’s not the future we want, so let’s fight for a better one.

We’re GFC. And we’re leading the resistance.



A positive path forward is pretty simple: healthy societies exist when power is distributed amongst the many—not concentrated between a few. True power is derived from controlling capital goods—the materials, machines, and buildings required to make stuff to sell. Technology, particularly automation and robotics, is democratizing the means of production and making manufacturing accessible to more people, without the need for amassing capital which has traditionally been a barrier of entry to entering industry. The window of opportunity to distribute the means of production is right now, when few have yet to take advantage of these state-of-the-art technologies.

To put it simply: whoever controls the robots, controls the money. That’s where we come in.

GFC develops industry tools for small businesses and manufactures consumer products that empower people—both for the purpose of supplying and stoking the resistance.

We make truck campers that help people connect with themselves, with each other, and with their environment—but we also care abouthow those campers are made. So we develop the automated systems required to make them, and manufacture everything in-house in Belgrade, Montana.

By using automation, we’re able to create a better, more empowering work environment for our employees; and because we strive to create a flat company structure, profits are distributed more evenly too, meaning that no one who works for GFC gets left behind.

This fight is way bigger than us though; the only way that we can stick it to the mega-corporations is if we all work together to wrest control of the means of production back from the robber barons. 

Instead of developing those complex, complicated automated systems and hoarding them all for ourselves like the corporate bullies do, we sell those means of production to other small businesses so that they can make cool stuff too. The more that we democratize production, the more decentralized power becomes. It’s a win-win for everyone.

When you buy a GFC, you’re not just purchasing the most huckable camper or roof top tent available. You’re not just supporting a small business that engineers and builds its products in the US of A. You’re not just empowering us to supply other similarly stoked companies with means of production. You’re joining the resistance, and helping to wrest control back from the rich assholes.

When you buy a GFC, you’re investing in a better future. For all of us.