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Trash fires, coyotes and slammed mini trucks with tilt-beds?! But that's not all, lets talk about where it came from.

The cotton for this tee is grown, harvested and spun using the most advanced equipment in the world over in North Carolina, then it's shipped to Los Angeles where it shows up on 61st street. 61st is where it's knit and cut, then it gets moved to 59th street where that material is sewn into the tee shirt blank you hold in your hands. And for most companies, that would be enough.

What could we do to make this even nerdier? Time to involve the GFC Community. So we hired GFC customer and LA based artist Gavin Sullivan to design the graphic, and he was even able to get the shirts printed in downtown LA. Hell, he even picked them up from print for us and drove them to our meetup in his camper equipped Tacoma.

Moral of the story is that this shirt is more LA than gluten free Avacado toast. More LA than name dropping a celebrity you saw at a party that one time. And likely one of the only pieces of apparel where you actually know the complete sourcing story. And you, like us, know it matters.

Yellow. Beefy. Durable. This tee runs true to size.