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GoFastCampers 2024 Platform Camper Price Increase Explained

December 14, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

GoFastCampers 2024 Platform Camper Price Increase Explained

Beginning January 1st, pricing for the Platform Camper will increase $750. Why the change? Ongoing product improvements and inflation. Let’s dive into both of those. 

What will the new prices be? 

The  Platform Camper currently starts at $7,700. That base price will increase to $8,450. Pricing for options and accessories will remain the same. 

Remember that GFC offers two financing plans: zero interest deferred for 18 months, or 9.99 percent fixed for 36 months.*

What updates have been made?

GFC is always improving processes and parts. Because  we make most of the 888 individual components on the camper ourselves, iterating improvement is baked into our business model. But in addition to iteration, 2023 brought two major upgrades to the camper: Billet Bed Mounts and the ultra-comfy new TurboNap mattress. 

The  Billet Bed Mounts add an immense amount of strength to the connection between the Platform Camper and your truck. Pickup beds move independently of the cab, and often flex, bend, and twist to a surprising degree.  This video shows that occurring on a 2nd generation Tundra, but other trucks beds will also twerk in a similar manner. And they do that over potholes and washboard, during normal daily driving, not just off-road. 

This is why it’s so important that the Platform Camper is so light, and so immensely strong. By keeping weight so low, adding a GFC to your bed will amplify this movement to the least possible degree. And by bolting a tubular space frame to your bed, you actually brace it, reducing the movements it, and anything else in or on it, experience. 

Those connections between that tubular space frame and the wet noodle that is your truck bed need to be as strong as possible. And you won't find anything stronger than our Billet Bed Mounts. They help the camper brace your bed, prevent it from coming loose during extreme impacts, and are just generally important to a GoFastCampers’ ability to not slow you down. Included on all new Platform Campers and Toppers, the  Billet Bed Mounts cost $299 on their own. 

But the point of a camper isn’t just to enable you to go places. It’s to enable you to go those places, then be comfortable once you arrive. Enter  TurboNap. The result of a years-long deep dive into foam (there’s a lot more to this stuff than meets the eye), we’ve managed to replicate the comfort provided by speciality mattresses like those made by HEST or Exped, but in a package slim enough you can easily close your camper with it inside, while retaining full functionality of your Transform-a-Floor. 

Transform-a-Floor is another feature that makes the Platform Camper so unique. Three reconfigurable panels allow you to enter and exit the camper through your truck bed, create a vaulted ceiling with eight feet or more of standing height room inside (depending on the depth of your bed rails), allow a couple to independently enter and exit the sleeping space without disturbing their partner, or form a standing height desk/table or bunk bed. And it does all that simply, lightly, and robustly with no moving parts. Using a large third-party mattress interferes with all those functions. 

The  TurboNap Sleep System is composed of three-inches of dual-density open-cell foam that won’t stiffen in cold temperatures, go flat, or require adjustment. The cover is a stretchy Nylon-Spandex blend that helps the mattress conform to your body shape while providing excellent breathability, which keeps you dry and regulates temperature. TurboNap is built into all new Platform Campers and Rooftop Tents, and is available on its own starting at $699. 

Why Is Inflation An Issue? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator, a product that cost $7,700 in 2022 should cost $8,400 today. So we’re rolling in $1,000 in improvements and charging you only $50 extra. 

Of course, inflation cuts both ways. And in a year that also saw our cost of materials increase, we also saw the cost of living for our employees skyrocket. Earlier this year, GFC increased its base pay to $57,200. All jobs at GFC are full time, with full benefits. We figure that the point of making stuff in America isn’t just to make a better product, it’s to help make America a better place. 

“We make these campers right here, in house, in Montana,” says GFC Co-Founder Graeme MacPherson. “Not overseas, not using other manufacturers. That allows us to do pretty special things, like upgrading the product mid cycle. This is one of those moments, and once you get some time on the TurboNap, you'll understand while you'll get your best night’s sleep in a GFC.”

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payment required. Call for details: (406) 303-5181

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Artur deRIeto
Artur deRIeto

March 03, 2024


Nathan Hartness
Nathan Hartness

December 30, 2023

I would like to order a camper for a 2024 F150 Raptor, as the camper configuration for MY2024 is not available yet, is there a way to solidify the pricing now?


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