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How To Accessorize Your GFC Platform Camper

April 30, 2024 4 min read

How To Accessorize Your GFC Platform Camper

By itself, the GFC Platform Camper gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t to enjoy a night outdoors. This minimalist approach doesn’t just ensure that we’re delivering the lightest, strongest, most durable truck camper ever thought up, but also that you don’t need to pay for things you don’t need or want. 

But a lot of you are going to need and want some more stuff. So let’s work our way through adding those to your camper. 

Let’s first work our way through the features on the camper you can use to add stuff. Inside, you’ll find well nuts in the tubular aluminum space frame. Those achieve no function beyond providing a place for you to connect stuff to your camper. Molle panels, bedding catches, lights, hooks, loops, Quick Fists…they all just bolt right on. 

Then, outside, you’ll find a load halo made from t-track. Sections of that surround the perimeter of both the camper body, and the tent roof, which allows you to choose between mounting stuff that’ll stay put, or lift up as the camper opens. 

Beef Rack Crossbars

The first thing you may want to consider bolting to your camper are our Beef Racks. Unlike standard crossbars, these things are immensely strong, and also include rows of t-track across their top, and bottom, giving you even more mounting options. 

What can you carry with those Beef Racks? How about a canoe? Just center the boat on the bars front-to-rear, and throw one cam strap over the bow, and one over the stern. Loop each strap under the bar on each side of the boat, tighten them down, and you’re good to go. 


Solar Trays

You can also use Beef Racks to permanently mount hard solar panels to your roof. Hard solar panels offer a couple advantages over the stick-on kind. Not only are they more efficient at capturing the sun’s radiation and using it to make your beer frosty cold, but the air gap between a Beef Rack-mounted solar panel and the roof of your camper helps keep the panels heat from reaching you as you hide inside. 

To mount hard panels, you’ll need our Solar Trays. These mount to the top T-track on the Beef Racks, and mount your panels with a strip of very tenacious adhesive. One 100-watt panel should be enough to power most fridges and recharge your camping battery. Two panels may be a better option for people with more significant power needs. 

Universal Awning Bracket

Let’s move back down to the non-lifting part of the load halo. What would you want to mount here? How about an awning using the GFC universal awning brackets. Those really add a ton of livability to the GFC’s blended indoor-outdoor space. But every awning mounts differently, so we make three options here: the Universal Bracket, the Billet Awning Mount, and the Beef Rack Awning Mount. Your best resource for figuring out which works best with a given third party product is going to be by talking to other GFC ownersin our forum

Light Mounts

How about lights? Our 90-degree bracket can be used to mount a variety of light bars, work lights, and similar. But if you really want a sexy solution, check out our LP Light Mount. It’s custom designed to work with the Baja Designs LP6, Lp4, Light bar and XL Linkable. Up to six LP6 lights can fit across the front of your camper using our mounts. We’d suggest going with the spot pattern option to minimize light spill on your hood. 



Even though our camper is most easily accessed through the truck bed via the Transform-a-Floor panels, it can be convenient in some scenarios to add a ladder. Say, if you’re using your truck bed to haul a bunch of stuff and don’t want to move it outside at night.

Our Mantis Claw Ladder kit includes the same ladder that ever rooftop tent in the world ships with (there’s no point in reinventing the wheel here), but replaces that thing’s top caps with billet aluminum hooks that easily and intuitively slide into billet cups that install unobtrusively on your t-track. That arrangement adds a ton of safety without making setting up or taking down the ladder a pain. 

Latch Covers

We also offer some convenience add-ons. The tent pull down kit uses a QD mount to attach a leash to your t-track, and makes pulling the tent closed a little easier. The 3D-printed latch cover kit keeps crap out of your latches. 

Fitted Sheets

Finally, if you have dogs, are just a dirty human being, or like to do…activities in your camper, then a set of fitted sheets can make clean up as simple as doing your laundry. 

There’s a huge array of third party accessories available to take things even further, and you can even get creative by cutting and drill to mount recovery boards, ventilation fans, or really anything you can think up.Check out our forum, and you’ll quickly understand why GFC makes the most customizable camper, ever. 

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