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What Camper Does Reba McEntire Drive In The Hammer?

August 22, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

What Camper Does Reba McEntire Drive In The Hammer?

In the trailer for the upcoming Lifetime movie The Hammer, country music star Reba McEntire is pulled over by a police officer while driving a pickup truck fitted with a camper. That’s none other than one of GFC’s very own Platform Campers. Specifically a V1, which we sold from 2018 until 2021.  


Lifetime’s official synopsis of The Hammer reads: “The film follows Kim Wheeler (McEntire), an outspoken, firecracker lawyer who is appointed Judge of the 5th District of Nevada and is one of the few traveling judges left in America. After the reigning judge passes away under suspicious circumstances, Kim finds herself covering a circuit that stretches between Las Vegas and Reno — a rugged, often desolate area where anything and everything can happen. With gavel in hand, she lays down the law with a no-nonsense brand of justice, that quickly earns her the nickname “The Hammer.”  As the investigation of the former judge’s death heats up, Kim’s sister Kris (Peterman), who runs the local brothel, suddenly becomes the prime suspect, and Kim must work even harder to make certain the appropriate justice is served.”

Reba McEntire Camper

Reba’s truck is a third-generation Toyota Tacoma, which is also the most popular basis for a GFC build. Weighing only 270 pounds when sized for a long bed Tacoma, the Platform Camper provides a comfortable place to sleep for two adults, more than enough head room to stand up and change inside, and a secure place to store all your gear. The Platform Camper also allows Reba to keep using her truck as a truck, thanks to durable construction that can easily be power washed and which allows total access to the entire pickup bed. 

That original V1 camper featured a welded steel tube space frame. For 2021, we added lightness and increased strength using an all-new aluminum tube space frame reinforced with billet aluminum nut plates. All new GFC products now feature that aluminum frame. The GFC Platform Camper is made in Montana. 

Reba McEntire Camper The Hammer

The Tacoma-Platform Camper combo is a realistic fit for the freewheeling character Reba plays in the film. The lightest camper available for trucks like the Tacoma, the Platform allows owners undiminished freedom of travel, on and off-road. It excels at turning impromptu campsites into comfortable nights outdoors.

The Hammer will air on Lifetime in 2023. 

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Danny Sawyer
Danny Sawyer

September 03, 2022

Reba’s the PERFECT FIT for this movie, and throw in a GFC Rooftop Camper, It’s a WINNER!!!

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