V2 Development Update

V2 Development Update

This week we take a look at what goes into the design and development of each and every vehicle model as we roll out all of the new V2 camper designs. Meet a few of our engineers and production staff as they take us through their process with the latest design, the F-150.


  • Evan N.

    As a manufacturing engineer I appreciate this video so much. It is a lot fun seeing others figuring out new products and the processes to make them. You all have an impressive design and some awesome shop equipment!

  • Frank

    Good update. Please no facemarks next time. Thanks.

  • Keith

    I have a long bed 2018 colorado lt, in Bozeman. Let me know if you guys need to spec a long bed colorado, I can swing it by.

  • Randall

    I’m loving these updates. It’s great to meet the crew. Keep up the good work!

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    Folks, Thank you for keeping me posted. When I see videos like this it helps me understand the efforts and hard work that goes into producing a Go Fast Camper. It also validates that I have made the right decision by purchasing a Go Fast Camper. Keep up the good work!

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